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Matt E.
Professional and informative. Enjoyed the class very much and Lou was very helpful and instrumental in me shooting so well!

Amanda B.
Basic Handgun course was great! The instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. He genuinely wants to see you succeed. I will be going back for the CHL course and recommending friends and family to SA Firearms Instruction & Training.

Rosa G.
Totally happy with Lou’s training, he has a lot of patience and knowledge. I appreciate that he accommodated to my work schedule in order for me to be able to attend class. I highly recommend his services.

Martin P.
Highly recommend. Very. Professional. Very knowledgeable LTC class. With Mr.Vanderburg

Dr. Al M.
Lou is a great instructor. I took a private, 1-on-1 LTC course with Lou while I was in Texas. I’m from New Jersey and Lou made the entire process simple and easy to understand. Lou’s course included all of the required materials but he also included personal experiences as well as tips on shooting stances which were fantastic. Overall I can’t recommend him enough!

Sharon L.
Lou is a great instructor. He is patient and above all, he is very conscientious regarding safety. My time spent with Lou has given me confidence in handling my firearm.

Michael S.
I went to SA Firearms Instruction & Training for 2 classes. The 1st class was a One on One course that I took as a confidence builder before taking the License To Carry course. I already had some experience with firearms in the past but Lou showed me a technique or two to help make me a better shooter and this One on One with him made taking the License To Carry course so much easier. I would highly recommend SA Firearms Instruction & Training to anyone looking to get their License To Carry or anyone who needs some guidance in the handling of firearms. Lou Vanderburg is a great instructor who I will recommend to anyone looking for some instruction in firearms.

S. R.
Fantastic instructor !! Easy to learn from and very knowledgeable. Safety first man, and very patient in instructing. Highly recommend!

M. S.
Took an LTC class with Lou – Very professional but still made class fun and informative

D. H.
Very pleasant and informative.

A. F.
Personal attention was given not only for the booking of the course but also during the training, as all questions were answered in a complete and comprehensive manner. All information necessary to pass the course, as well as the paperwork to be submitted to the state, was explained in detail and reiterated as necessary for all students to understand completely.

G. K.
Very professional, courteous and makes everyone feel comfortable and makes his classes enjoyable.he never rushes anyone and goes out of his way to accommodate anyone and answer and explain any questions.

Jim O.
I am a first-handgun-owner and wanted to learn from a pro how to safely handle, conceal carry, field-strip and certainly fire my gun with accuracy. I could not have picked a better instructor than Lou Vanderburg. He provided a handout in advance for me to read and absorb. What a big help! Just from reading his material, I learned plenty before even going to the range. Seeing him put these principals into action was outstanding. His calm and deliberate instruction quickly enabled me to put rounds in the bullseye more rapidly than I dreamed possible. Always focused on safety and proper gun handling, I left with a high level of confidence and I want to get back to range real soon to keep building on his great foundation. His fee was more reasonable than many others, and I believe the results far exceeded my expectations, so a great value overall. I highly recommend Lou Vanderburg. He’s the real deal and you’ll be as glad you trained with him as I am.

G. E.
Great Class! Fast paced – very informative – knowledgeable instructor. A great deal of class interaction and questions were encouraged. Great class for the beginner as well as those with more experience.

M. C.
As a customer, I was wanting training and information on Texas open and concealed carry the information I received was well worth my time and money and distance traveled I recommend this business to anyone wanting to complete their requirements for a permit.

C. S.
I was recently in an LTC / CHL class led by the instructor, Lou. He was very thorough and detailed, he made the class fun and easy to follow. I had previously worked with him on some one on one training and it was awesome. Also very thorough but best of all extremely safety oriented.

A. M.
I met Lou Vanderburg last year through a mutual friend and fellow firearms enthusiast. We enrolled in Lou’s CHL class and I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of delivery by Lou. We already had high expectations as is, but during the class, Lou’s approach to each individual and their background was on point, sharp and respectful. His stories and experiences have a ton of volume and are full of life lessons for anyone to relate to. I have a new respect for Lou and have since referred him and his wide range of available classes to everyone I know. He truly has a class beneficial and rewarding to anyone.

A. G.
I really enjoyed the LTC class with Lou from SA Firearms. He was very knowledgable. He conducted a nice class and was always open for question and dialogue. The firing range was well conducted by Lou also. I would recommend Lou and SA Firearms to anyone seeking the LTC/CHL license, or wants to become more educated about laws and safety and best recommended practices for carrying and rules of engagement. Thanks Lou – Aaron

Alan B.
I signed up for Lou’s class more for the knowledge of gun laws than the CHL. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I learned far more than I expected and I felt that I was sitting at the table with my knowledgeable neighbor. Lou made it easy to understand every aspect of the liability of owning a gun. I highly recommend this class for anyone that is a gun enthusiast.

John Kirby
Training was very professional. The classroom was nice. Visual aids were excellent.

R. M.
In less than 1 week I went from having never fired a handgun to passing the CHL course. I highly recommend Lou Vanderburg and SA Firearms Instruction to anyone that wants to safely and competently own a handgun. Whether it is for protection and/or for sport, Lou has developed a 1 and 1 training program that is top notch. He has the skill and knowledge to take the novice to the competent in 3 hours. Throughout the entire process (1 on 1 training, practice, and CHL class) Lou emphasizes safe handling procedures, attitude, the law and the need for continued practice and training.

R. C.
Took LTC class in January. Lou did a great job. The class was fun and focused. Made the test easy.

My son and I recently completed a one on one 3 hr firearms class with Lou. He is both personable and professional and his course provides a nice balance of practical instruction on firearm safety and uses along with actual target practice. The pace is appropriate to the level of student experience and comfort. Whether your interest is in exploring an introduction to firearms or to expand and enhance expertise, working with Lou is a worthwhile investment.

P. S.
Excellent instructor! My wife and I attended the 19 Dec 2015 one on one class. Lou made it so comfortable for my wife to learn. She was a first-time shooter and it couldn’t have gone any better. Lou was so patient my wife plans on attending the course again with our daughter. I highly recommend Lou to anyone who wants a high caliber instructor.

I took the Basics course where I learned about gun safety, and shooting the pistol which I bought. It was an excellent course and the instruction was superb. I highly recommend that anyone who is new to using a firearm take this course, and use Mr. Vanderburg as your instructor. His instruction on shooting the gun, aiming, and other aspects of using a gun were excellent. I am going to take the CHL course and I certainly want Mr. Vanderburg as my instructor. Excellent!

Dr. Villarreal
Excellent instruction and excellent instructor! Mr. Vanderburg was patient, knowledgeable, concise with directions and made the overall experience the best I could have hoped for. I highly recommend this course and instructor!

L. W.
*****Would definitely recommend this instructor. He took the time to ask questions to evaluate my level of handgun experience (which was none). He made safety, gun handling and proper hand placement a priority. And when I started shooting the gun, if I had a bad shot he knew exactly why and gave me instruction to fix it. I feel very confident and am eager to go back to the range to practice.

Rosie and Mark
Our instructor, Lou Vanderburg, gave a complete presentation of the proper way to handle and fire a gun. He emphasized repeatedly the safety precautions needed when using any type of firearm. He gave hands-on instruction in loading, holding, sighting and discharging the firearm – even how to properly lay it on the table when not in use. He showed us how to take the gun apart and oil it. We walked away from the experience with a complete knowledge of the proper use of a firearm, and we plan to continue with his advice, to practice what we have learned and do more target shooting. Rosie: I have never fired a gun, let alone handled one. I grew up on a farm, with a family of hunters and guns in the home all the time, yet I never learned how to operate one. I was very anxious about how the experience of actually holding and firing a weapon would be. Lou, our instructor, was terrific at putting me at ease, talking me through my anxious moments. He was very thorough in demonstrating how to handle the firearm, loading it, and actually firing it. I was amazed that I could actually do it and hit the target! I learned so much – how to dismantle and oil the gun; how to fill the clip; putting the clip in the gun (the proper way); racking a round; aiming for the target (very important on where to focus); and even the proper way of pulling the trigger. Lou was clearly all about safety and emphasized it time and again. His calm demeanor and patience made all the difference in the world, making me feel more at ease throughout the three-hour course. Mark: I agree with my wife totally. I have had some experience with a firearm many years ago, but am very glad that I decided to take this course because I discovered that there was far more than I needed to know in order to use a firearm properly. It ended up being a great deal more than a refresher course. I have already talked to Lou about future lessons with him before I purchase any other firearms. We would both highly recommend Lou to anyone – from a beginner to an expert. He has our utmost confidence and respect.

While completing a CHL class taught by Lou, one of the students had a target with a 4-inch hole in the middle from placing all their shots there. In talking to that student I found out that he was new to shooting and his skills were the result of Lou’s teaching a few weeks prior and a couple trips to the range to practice what he learned. That sold me on Lou from the beginning, so I booked Lou for a one-on-one session with both my wife and I. My wife was brand new to shooting and skittish. Within a few hours, Lou had her shooting her newly purchased 9mm and placing rounds in the center consistently. I learned fundamentals that improved my shooting dramatically in that session and have become significantly more accurate. My wife and I just returned from the range a week after our session with Lou and noticed our range procedure and etiquette, as well as our shooting skills, were immediately noticed by the range ownership as being a caliber above the general population. If you’re looking for someone that is patient, skilled at instruction for all levels of student, and effective in making you a better shooter, then Lou is your guy. Thanks, Lou!

Bryan P.
Outstanding instructor! Lou’s patient, thoughtful, and thorough instruction greatly improved both my pistol shooting ability and confidence. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Call him asap for a One-on-One or CHL class. You will be glad you did.

Trinidad P.
The method OF INSTRUCTION was very professional. I was impressed with the fact that SAFETY was first. Handling of the weapon was .of utmost importance. At the firing range ,first thing he made sure is when I got off my truck was to put on my noise suppressor muffs. And since I had a revolver he made sure I had it unloaded by having the cylinder open and my hand grasping the cavity with two fingers to show it was not loaded. I highly recommend this gentleman for your application for your CHL.

Miguel P.
I was hesitant to take a CHL course at first, but I’m sure glad that Lou was my instructor when I decided to do so, he is very knowledgeable and answers all questions. He has a great attitude towards his students and he made this class fun.I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in taking a CHL course.I rented one of his firearms for the range, for a fraction of what others would rent theirs for. He is very reasonable …Thank you, Lou!

Julie L.
Lou was so good with us. We have little firearm experience and he took his time to teach us about the firearm and its mechanics. When we left, I felt so much more comfortable with our firearms.

F. M.
I want to thank Lou Vanderburg at SA Firearms Instruction and Training for the outstanding training he provided to my wife and me. I had been searching for an instructor who could accommodate both my wife and me given that she had never handled or fired a weapon before, and that I hadn’t handled one in forty years. Lou turned out to be the perfect guy, crafting separate two-hour blocks for the two of us, with the perfectly tailored instruction that made it a great experience for us both. In addition to the range orientation and actual handgun firing, Lou also made available several handguns for us to try to help us decide on the type of weapon we might want to purchase in the future. As a result of his attention to detail and great personality, my wife is now eager to get even better at the range, and I have signed up to complete the CHL course with Lou. I highly recommend Lou and SAFIAI whether you are new to firearms, or just getting reacquainted. He’ll do a professional job, as well as making it an enjoyable experience.

Payton R.
Great Instructor, very knowledgeable, answered all questions. I’ll go back for training on other types of firearms.

James W.
I signed up for a CHL class with Lou Vanderburg on short notice. Although the others scheduled that day (the day before Thanksgiving) had canceled, Lou still held the class for a single student – me. It would have been fine with me if he had let me know and wanted to reschedule, but he honored our original arrangement. I was immediately impressed with his integrity. After taking the class, I am even more impressed. Lou Vanderburg is knowledgable and professional, and I would very highly recommend him to anyone seeking CHL or firearms training!

H. S.
If you are interested in firearms training and or certification…you should seriously consider using SA Firearms Instruction & Training! I completed the first time shooter’s course (thought an experienced shooter) combined with the Concealed Handgun License certification training. The course material was comprehensive, concise and informative. Lou, the instructor, is evidently a very knowledgeable & proficient instructor. His presentation style will make the most hesitant and unsure student find the confidence to safely handle a firearm; and, do so safely with a thorough understanding the handgun mechanics and applicable NRA guidelines & State regulations.

Dan W.
I had a very good experience with my One on One handgun training session. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them for additional training in the future.

Lety M.
I had a great experience in my one on one training and the CHL class. He provided great skills & training. I highly recommend taking the CHL class with Lou, or taking the one on one class if you want to be more comfortable with your weapon.

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