CHL Classes (LTC Classes) & Gun Safety Classes in San Antonio TX

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CHL Classes San Antonio | Licensed NRA Instructor

Welcome to SA Firearms Instruction & Training. There are many options for the consumer to choose from to take gun classes or LTC / CHL classes in San Antonio.

Top LTC / CHL Classes in San Antonio:

We offer One On One Classes or the privately hosted LTC also known as CHL classes

Host your own LTC / CHL Class. 

Host your own LTC / CHL Class at your residence or business. With a 4 student minimum only $75.00 per student. 10 or more students you will receive discounted pricing. 3 students or less a flat rate of $300.00 applies. 

Please call to reserve your class date. 210-995-7163

One On One Class… To learn or improve your firearm handling skills

The One on One and Couples gun classes are developed so the instructor gives his undivided attention to the student(s) on the range. The One on One class is 2 hours long and the Couples class is 3 hours long. The class fee is $85 per student and the range cost is $13.00 and all ammunition to be supplied by the student.

Each student will bring 1 box of brass cased ammunition for the caliber handgun they shoot.

The class time is all spent on the firing line. Topics taught but not limited too will be: proper stance, grip, sight picture, trigger control, controlling recoil, trigger reset, breath control, reloading, loading, ammunition and cleaning your firearm. This is a live fire shooting class and all range safety rules apply. All shooters will have a hat with a bill, proper eye wear/protection, closed toe shoes, blouses and shirts that cover the neckline.

Lock in your training date now via phone or text. To schedule a One on One or a Couples handgun class, text 210-995-7163. I will confirm your requested date for your class.

LTC / CHL classes are also available.

Be Trained, Ready, and Confident With Our Gun Classes

The gun classes and training you receive with us can and will better prepare you for a worst case scenario, enabling you to defend yourself or loved ones in or outside the home. These same skills in gun handling and safety will enable you to enjoy shooting as a sport.

I look forward to meeting and working with you so you too, can be empowered with the confidence, knowledge and skills to protect yourself.



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