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Concealed Handgun Class in San Antonio, TX

If you are interested in taking CHL classes to obtain your concealed handgun license, then come to a CHL and NRA instructor at SA Firearms Instruction & Training.  We provide everything you need to know about obtaining your CHL and taking our CHL classes.   Below are some frequently asked questions about obtaining your Texas CHL.

Do I need to have a gun to take the class?

If you have not purchased a handgun and want to qualify with a Semi-Auto handgun instead of a revolver, you may rent one of mine. Ammunition is purchased separately.

Why should I get a CHL, isn’ t it legal for me to have a handgun in my car?

While it is legal to have a handgun in your car driving you can only have the handgun in your car, you can not carry once you leave the vehicle.

I am Active Duty Military or I just moved to Texas, do I qualify for a TX CHL? 

Whether your are Active Duty stationed in TX or just moved here 2 weeks ago you are still eligible. A Texas Driver’ s License or ID is no longer necessary.It is not required to be a Texas resident.

Can I carry a different gun than the one I qualify with?

The short answer is yes. Whatever type you like. I would recommend that this is the one you use at the range frequently, that you shoot it proficiently and it conceals well. There are other factors to consider as well when choosing you carry handgun.

Is there a test at the end of the CHL classes? 

Yes there is a written test as well as a handgun qualification test at the end of our CHL classes. The State of Texas wants students to have a good understanding of the law and that they are familiar with their handgun and how to shoot it. A good understanding of your handgun and practice on the range ahead of time will help you pass the CHL range proficiency part of the test. If you do not have this knowledge I would strongly suggest that you take either my First Steps Pistol Orientation or the Basic Pistol Class. The two tests are not very hard and everything that is on the written test is covered during the classroom portion of the CHL classes. The written test is 25 questions in both multiple choice and true false. The range test is done on a static humanoid target with 50 rounds of ammunition, 20 rounds from the 3 yard line, 20 rounds from the 7 yard line and 10 rounds from the 15 yard line.

What happens now? 

Once DPS receives the application and all required material,it generally will take 30 to 60 days for you to receive your Texas CHL license. You will receive notification that more time is needed or missing information to process your license. You can visit  log in to look for your updated CHL application status. If you had a prior conviction that restricts you from a license or there was problem in missing or incorrect information you should be contacted via email. If all goes well you should receive your license in approximately 60 days.

I was convicted of a DWI 6 years ago, am I still eligible to get a license? 

Yes, you still qualify.However, if have had a Class A, B, or C misdemeanor conviction within the last 5 years of application date you are ineligible. Also if you have had a felony conviction or 2 misdemeanor convictions for the same reason, a DWI as an example, within the last 10 year period you are ineligible.

Can my friend and I share/use the same gun? 

Yes, but you would not be shooting the same course of fire.

How to obtain your LTC 101 online

I am currently not giving as many in-person LTC classes because of the COVID. I am recommending to all students that they go online to do this not just for my safety but yours as well it’s an easy way to get your license and keeping yourself safe at the same time. If you find yourself unable to go online I will give private LTC classes. Contact me for pricing.

You want to go online and find an online provider for your LTC-101. This is the same class that I would be giving you in person except this is done online. It is a self-paced course and you can start and stop when you desire but the course will last 4 hours in length. After the academic portion, you will be given your state exam. A total of 25 questions will be asked, you need to answer 20 correct to pass. It is easy to do not be intimidated by it. Afterward, you can print your LTC-101 document.

The top half will be filled out by your online provider and the bottom half still needs to be filled out by an instructor of your choice. I will qualify you for the physical portion of the qualification for a total of $51 per person and that includes your range fee. Payment is to be made in cash. You need to supply your handgun and 50 rounds of brass cased ammunition for your qualification. You will also need to provide your ear and eye protection. If you wear prescription glasses that will suffice as your eye protection. Handgun rentals are available if needed. I want to stress that this is you demonstrating your proficiency with your handgun. I am not teaching you how to shoot. That would be a different class that I also teach.

You will also need to go to to register for your background check. Follow the links in the top right-hand corner that says handgun licensing. You may not carry your handgun until the license is in your possession. The current waiting time is around a month and a half or more. The sooner you register online with DPS for your background check the sooner you will be able to get your license.  It does not make a difference in whether you do the background check first or the test first. You cannot send any paperwork to DPS until you have applied for your background check. When you’ve completed the background check information you will be directed to schedule your fingerprinting. Just follow the links.

LTC/CHL & NRA Instructor

Lou Vanderburg


For more information about the Texas CHL visit:

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