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The following are required safety gear and attire for the Range if you are taking our gun training San Antonio at SA Firearms.

  •  Eye Protection
  •  Ear Muffs or similar hearing protection, ear plugs are seldom enough.
  •  Closed toe shoes
  •  Hat
  •  Range time can vary depending on your class please dress for the weather as appropriate.
  •  Ammunition that is correctly matched to your handgun. You will find this information concerning the correct caliber on the barrel or the frame of your handgun and maybe on your magazine if it is a semi-auto. The cartridge size is printed on the end of the box and also stamped into the end of the cartridge case.
  •  9 x 19 and 9mm Luger is the same, just stated differently.

If you have any questions or need further assistance about our gun training San Antonio please contact me and I will assist you at (210) 995-7163.

IF YOU HAVE NOT FIRED A HANDGUN OR HAVE LITTLE EXPERIENCE DOING SO YOU WILL FIND THAT THE EJECTED BRASS IS EXTREMELY HOT. Guys and Gals please wear or bring a high topped shirt or blouse or similar to close the neck line so the ejected brass does not go down your shirt front, it will be uncomfortable. Hat with a brim that extends over the eyes.

Sa Firearms Instruction & Training provides various levels of gun training and classes to obtain your San Antonio CHL. We also can provide you with information about getting your CHL San Antonio and eligibility requirements.

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