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Testimonials from people that have taken firearms training San Antonio with SA Firearms Instruction and Training. We offer gun glasses for beginners to advanced home protection.


“I took the AR-15 Basic Operator’s Course one Thursday morning in August.  I hadn’t really shot an AR-15 (since 1970—M-16).  I had just built one (the lower receiver) and was eager to try it out to make sure it would work and that I was reasonably safe and competent.  I felt like I needed a safety-oriented refresher course.  I got exactly that from Lou.  We spent much of the time zeroing the sights of my new gun and increasing my competence (and confidence) that had become so rusty over the years.  His constant emphasis was on safe practice and working together to increase my accuracy and comfort with the gun.  I certainly believe I got my money’s worth from the experience and plan next to get some one-on-one time with him soon to get my proficiency up on my pistol.  Extremely valuable course.”

Bob Chatham

Outstanding instructor! Lou’s patient, thoughtful, and thorough instruction greatly improved both my pistol shooting ability and confidence. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Call him asap for a One-on-One or CHL class. You will be glad you did.

Bryan P

I took the CHL class with Lou. I have to say even with twenty years of military I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought the training was fantastic and all my worries of passing was gone in minutes as Lou took time to explain everything. He is an outstanding instructor and I would and will recommend him to my friends and family members. If you want to pass the course but better yet gain knowledge this is the guy. Again if your having second thoughts, because you think you may not make it, give Lou a call….Richard Heneke


If you or anyone you know is thinking of taking a firearms safety class or CHL class, Lou Vanderburg is your man!!! I took the CHL class from him and learned a LOT that I didn’t know. Lou keeps your interest in his storytelling and he’s very knowledgable in gun regulations and handling. I recommend him and his class to anyone interested in taking control of their own future safety….Diane Aston Migl


WOW! Thank you Lou! My One-on-One firearms training session with you was excellent. You provided me with calm confident instruction which imparted calm and confidence in me. I had no prior experience with small firearms, but knew it was time I learned. After my class where you provided the visual handouts, safety and hands on training and several firearms of my choice to fire – I now know which type is the best fit for me. Which by the way….. is different than I had in mind. I am looking forward to scheduling more training at the gun range and my CHL class with you.

Becky 78132


I signed up for a CHL class in San Antonio with Lou Vanderburg on short notice. Although the others scheduled that day (the day before Thanksgiving) had cancelled, Lou still held the class for a single student – me. It would have been fine with me if he had let me know and wanted to reschedule, but he honored our original arrangement. I was immediately impressed with his integrity. After taking the class, I am even more impressed. Lou Vanderburg is knowledgable and professional, and I would very highly recommend him to anyone seeking CHL or firearms training!

Review By: James Wallace (motojpw@gmail.com) – Zip Code: 78216
Submitted: 12/03/2014


If you are interested in firearms training and or certification…you should seriously consider using SA Firearms Instruction & Training! I completed the first time shooter’s course (thought an experienced shooter) combined with the Concealed Handgun License certification training. The course material was comprehensive, concise and informative. Lou, the instructor, is evidently a very knowledgeable & proficient instructor. His presentation style will make the most hesitant and unsure student find the confidence to safely handle a firearm; and, do so safely with a thorough understanding the handgun mechanics and applicable NRA guidelines & State regulations.

Review By: H. Spring (MedlawNY@msn.com) – Zip Code: 78148
Submitted: 11/05/2014


I took a one on one class to get more comfortable with my gun & also took the CHL class. I highly recommend either class with Lou, whether you want to get your CHL or just get better at shooting. Lou has lots of knowledge about guns and is a great instructor to make you a better shooter as well. If you ever have questions relating to guns -contact Lou

Doll VM


I took the Combo CHL and First Step Pistol Class at SA Firearms Instruction & Training with Lou Vanderburg. I’ve been around pistols and shot a little bit here and there but someone has always just loaded the gun and handed it to me to shoot so I’ve been wanting to learn all the basics and safety myself. Lou, the owner taught the class which consisted of classroom time where I learned NRA rules for safe gun handling, shooting fundamentals and how to clean a pistol, etc…Then I took the CHL Concealed Handgun License class. There was class room time learning Texas laws regarding use of force as a defense and discussing dispute resolutions. Then it was on to the shooting range to began practicing shooting at the targets. We took our range proficiency test. I would highly recommend Lou Vanderburg to anyone looking to learn more about handguns or wanting to get their handgun license. He is extremely knowledgable and taught me alot. I was nervous in the beginning but he made me feel relaxed and very confident. He told me he would be available to me even after the class ended if I needed help when I’m ready to look at guns to purchase. I can tell he is very passionate about what he does! As a woman I now feel more inpowered with the knowledge and experience he taught me!

Debbie Thomas


Mr. Lou Vanderburg was most professional & most knowledgeable when it comes to guns. He instills confidence in first time users and also for most novice users, enabling you to handle a gun with confidence and to improve your shooting accuracy. The best (and most important) thing that I liked most of Mr. Vandenburgs’s style of teaching was that he places high emphasis on proper gun handling techniques for extreme safety. I felt most comfortable with his teaching style and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn about guns and improving your accuracy.

Albert Aguirre


Mr. Lou Vanderburg,

Based on a recommendation from another person, I purchased a GLOCK 22 handgun. I knew that I needed some training as I am not a person that normally goes to the range and I knew absolutely nothing of this guns operation.

I had contacted Lou Vanderburg with SA Firearms Instruction & Training for a private handgun class at the range. I was a bit skeptical at first, but Lou had soon put me at ease and immediately was giving me confidence in my abilities. He went over the safety aspects of handling the gun, showed me how to load, corrected my grip and taught me the correct sight picture I needed to use in order to shoot more accurately. These were just a few things that were discussed in my 2 hour session. My confidence is up and my abilities in using my handgun have improved. It was a great value at $50 for 2 hours, it was well worth it.

Mil Mang


Hi, my name is Arlene and would like to say that I had such a wonderful experience in my recent handgun training class. My Instructor made the firearms training so easy. My husband purchased a HK .45 ACP . I wasn’t familiar with the handgun but had taken it out a few times to shoot. I learned quickly that I wasn’t very accurate, and realized I needed additional handgun training. During the handgun training I was taught firearm safety and how to handle my gun more confidently, I felt that Lou took the time needed to explain in detail all the information needed for me to feel comfortable in handling my gun. After the shooting range that was apart of my firearms orientation training, I was super excited to see my shooting had improved significantly in such a small amount of time. My accuracy was not in question anymore, now that I feel confident in being able to defend my home, myself, and my family without endangering anyone else. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is needing basic handgun training, those who want to know more about their guns, improving accuracy, or just anyone wanting to get more familiar with their weapon. Thank you so much Mr. Vanderburg.


I had been looking for a reasonably priced Firearms Instruction course for several months before I came across Lou’s website. Both myself and my fiancé are beginners, having minimal shooting or firearm handling in the past. I had recently purchased a handgun and wanted to be trained right the first time. Lou made the training process very simple and easy to understand. He walked us through step by step all the basics. What is a handgun, the types of handguns, how they operate, etc. Always stressing safety at every turn. The course was approximately 4 hours long. 2.5 hours was learning the basics in a classroom setting. We then proceeded to the gun range to practice what we had learned. This took about an hour. Afterwards we returned to the classroom to discuss what we learned and wrap up the course. I was very comfortable in the setting and with the actual firing of a handgun. He taught us how to relax and begin the process of building muscle memory in our fingers and hands. My fiancé and myself plan to return to the range as often as possible to hone our shooting skills with the real possibility of obtaining our Concealed Handgun License in the future.



Lou made me feel comfortable with the guns as well as more familiar. I have shot some handguns before but with no real training.
I’m now more confident in myself and my ability to handle a handgun safely.


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