Lessons you will learn as a new shooter..

Once you learn the fundamentals of shooting, your accuracy will become much better. The same principal is applied to any handgun regardless of manufacturer. Going to the range on a regular basis will improve upon your skills and doing dry fire in the home will help get you to the next level in your abilities. Picking a caliber that suits you as an individual will enable you toimprove at an advanced pace and be more pleasurable to shoot. Do not get hung up on some of the larger caliber handguns you think youneed to have but you don’t shoot well. A student might ask me what I carry and I say either a 9 mm or a .45 ACP. I switch between 2 different guns depending on the weather and my ability to conceal them properly. That doesn’t mean the student should opt for the .45 ACP because I carry one. An individual needs to find the one that fits their needs and that they feel comfortable with.






If you take your CHL Class in San Antonio or a One on One gun training class, handgun rental is only $10.00 per gun. I have many models to choose from if you do not currently own one.

High Capacity is a good thing

This is one of those things it is better to have more and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.There are a lot of statistics done on gun fights that indicate on the average gunfights do not last long at all. This might indicate that we don’t need to carry extra ammunition or a spare magazine. I always fall on the outside of normal in almost anything I do so I am a big advocate of carrying an extra 2 magazines beside what the firearm will carry.

I think a wise person would be prudent in carrying extra magazines and ammo for two reasons. First, not every round you fire is going to hit your intended target, you are going to fire more than you thought you did because you lost count. Secondly what if the magazine fails? The 2nd round fired is a double feed. You have 2 choices, clear it by removing the magazine, racking the slide to clear the double feed and then re-inserting the magazine, work the slide and PRAY it doesn’t happen again or go to your back up magazine. The odds of having 2 bad magazines in a row are slim to none.







Physical safeties do not make a firearm safe.

I have had students that insist that they need to have a physical or mechanical safety for them to feel safe. This is especially true of people that are very new to firearms. The things that makes a firearm safe are the rules you put in place and practice. Always treat every gun as if it were loaded. Always keep the gun pointed in a direction that will not cause injury to a person or cause property damage. Always keep your finger out of the trigger until you have identified your target and what lies beyond. There are no exceptions to these rules, if you follow them ALWAYS you will not have a shooting incident that was not intentional. Notice I did not say accident…

Buy a firearm that physically fits you and your intended purpose.

There are many gun manufacturers and even more handguns out there than you can shake a stick at. I certainly recommend that you find one that fits your hands properly. The trigger reach is very important, that is when you grip your firearm properly and aim, the middle of your first pad of the index finger should be on the trigger. If your finger comes up short this gun will be more difficult to fire properly. A bad fit will effect accuracy and control of your firearm. The closer you come to finding this holy grail the happier you will be. This is a lot like finding shoes that fit. It either will or it won’t. Women have a much harder time than most men in finding one that fits their hands simply because most women hands are smaller.

Many times I advise students to go to gun shows or a reputable shop like Armed in America on 281 N. they have a good selection from which to choose. This gives you the opportunity to handle and look at many types of hand guns with no obligation to purchase.

Do not get talked into a purchase based solely on what a salesperson says, do some reading and research first. If your firearm is intended to protect you and yours in the home or car it does not need to be small in size. However, if is going to be used for carry as well as home and car a compact or sub-compact would be a better choice.

Snub nose .38 and .40 and .45 caliber guns are rarely a good fit for a new shooter.

This information and more will be covered in the One on One class that has been specifically tailored for the new shooter. If thats not for you then I hope you and your friends choose us for your CHL Classes in San Antonio.

1. Remember the smaller the gun = more felt recoil

2. Larger the caliber = more felt recoil

3. Shorter the barrel = More felt recoil

4. Shorter the barrel = difficulty for shooting accurately at distances.