IWB Holsters

IWB holsters are worn in a very similar fashion to the OWB but inside the pants, as the Inside the Waistband implies. This is the number one choice for most people in this upcoming sweltering heat in San Antonio. Handguns in smaller sub compact size such as the XDS from Springfield, S&W Shield, Sig Sauer 238, and the Ruger LC9s by their design are very suitable for this style of concealed carry. These and many other sub  compact guns that I have not mentioned are suitable for use in CHL classes in San Antonio.

In IWB holsters can be found in a soft holster design as well as a more rigid design. They are available for compact and sub-compact handguns and revolvers. The softer collapsible holsters are extremely comfortable for sub-compact and smaller guns, but they are extremely difficult if not impossible to re-holster. If you are new to carrying a gun concealed I would not recommend this as your primary carry holster. Get a holster that is IWB that facilitates re-holstering so you can practice drawing from concealment. Then when feeling very comfortable and proficient you could go to a softy type holster providing it is worn in the same place as the holster you trained with. If you practice drawing from concealment, sweeping an outer garment and re-holstering without getting your shirt or blouse caught in the trigger you will be much better prepared in a crisis. You need to know that when taking your concealed handgun class in San Antonio the CHL class does not allow the student to draw from the holster.

Appendix carry comes with additional risk. The reason for this is when you are sitting the pistol is pointed at your thigh and your Femoral Artery. It would not be good to have a gun accidentally  discharge in this area. It takes a lot of dedicated dry (empty chamber) practice to ingrain a good and safe drawing technique from any position but particularly this one. This type of concealed carry does enhance security as any one who might try to disarm you would have to approach you directly from the front, and it does prevent a “accidental bump” to see if you are armed.

You will find that the IWB can be less comfortable as the gun gets bigger. Certainly guns with a width of under 1 inch will be more comfortable than those that are wider. Barrels of under 3.5 inches are easier to conceal also.

The hardest part to conceal is going to be the grip on your handgun because the barrel and most of the frame is disguised be being inside your pants.