Penny wise, pound foolish.

Now that you have taken your CHL class in San Antonio you should be considering how you are going to carry your firearm on you. This will mean that you need to give consideration to where on your person are you going carry your firearm and what type of holster are you going to purchase to fit your lifestyle. A holster has a specific job function and that is to provide safe retention of your firearm until you need to draw. This safety is your responsibility.

Holster disasterI found this picture on the internet and it struck a cord in me that I have been aware of for a long time. That is to get the correct holster to function in the manner that you need to fit your activity and dress requirements.

There are a lot of quality holsters that would have prevented this. This is a person who was cheap on the holster purchase and has now paid the price. When you are considering the purchase of your concealment holster consider it carefully. Do not spend good money on a gun and buy a holster that is CHEAPLY MADE OR OF POOR DESIGN.

  1. Your holster should be able to stay in the position it was designed to be worn with moderate movement.
  2. The Holster should have a covered trigger guard.
  3. The holster should be made specifically for the firearm you carry.
  4. The firearm when seated fully into the holster should be able to retain your firearm when the holster is upside down and not being worn.
  5. The top of holster should have a reinforced mouth as to prevent collapse. This is a highly desirable feature as it facilitates easy re-holstering by keeping the mouth of the holster open at all times. This will enable unloaded practice drawing.
  6. When drawing your firearm make sure to clear your garment from the holster so you have a full firing grip when drawing with the finger indexed on the gun. You do not want to be adjusting your grip in the middle or on the end of the draw.
  7. When re-holstering be sure to sweep any garment material clear of the holster before inserting the firearm.
  8. You should practice often on your draw and presentation of your firearm WITH AN EMPTY MAGAZINE AND CHAMBER. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction when practicing. (treat the firearm as if it is loaded at all times).

The time to practice is not when you need to deploy your firearm in a self defense situation. Good repetition with safe training will ingrain your technique to muscle memory.

You should give consideration to the safe accessibility of your firearm in different positions i.e. standing, sitting, squatting and laying down. You will find that no one holster does it all. You will in all probability have to buy a couple of different holsters to fit your needs, this is normal. Welcome to concealed carry.
If you haven’t yet decided on which company to go with for your CHL classes in San Antonio please consider SA Firearms Instruction & Training. Please go to www.safirearmsinstruction.com for all your training. Schedules and classes have some flexibility. I look forward to hearing from you. Be Safe and Stay Vigilant.

CHL & NRA Instructor