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Gun Training Before Your Concealed Handgun License

Before you Google Concealed Handgun Classes San Antonio

If you are reading this article you are most likely as the title says, a first time gun owner. Maybe you have not committed to a purchase yet or you have had one and never used it. If this description fits, then this is for you.

I have developed a course called the One on One gun class. This course was created to be taken prior to a Concealed Handgun Class San Antonio. This gun training course teaches all the core fundamentals creating the foundation necessary to become a safe and proficient shooter.

If you are looking to get your Concealed Handgun License San Antonio, then taking my One on One gun training is the place to start. You will not be disappointed with our New Shooter One on One Gun Training San Antonio. As a new shooter this core gun training class teaches you the right way from the start. This class will allow you to easily move on to taking our CHL Classes.

One on One Gun Training San Antonio

My One on One Gun Training San Antonio comes with a .22 pistol for you to use free as well as a $25.00 guarantee that you will be able to shoot better than you did prior to the class. The class is 2 hrs long and it is spent all on the range.

If you want to rent additional firearms they are $10.00 each. Let me know what you want to shoot and I might be able to provide it as a rental.

I hope to see you soon, stay safe and be vigilant.
Your success on the range is a big part of my reward.

CHL & NRA Instructor
Lou Vanderburg

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