Concealed Holsters

So now that you have your CHL (Concealed Handgun License) you need a proper holster. As a gun owner and CHL holder you have a great responsibility. Part of that responsibility in making sure your handgun, pistol or weapon is always secure. Picking a holster in which to carry your concealed handgun can be just as difficult if not more so than picking the handgun you chose. There are literally hundreds of holster manufacturers in the US some are top notch some are not. Deciphering which holster is right for you can be a time consuming ordeal and can lead to some frustration. Armed with some basic knowledge will make this process of selection easier and less expensive than doing trial and error as I have done over the years.

These are some factors to consider when a holster for your Defensive Pistol Holster.

•Where on your body is this holster going to ride, this will dictate the style of holster you will choose. This will also be connected to how you spend your day ie..standing, sitting, driving or combinations there of. Are you able to wear a holster on your person or would a holster off the body be better for you, such as a pack, purse or cellphone holster.

•Will this holster conceal easily? Most likely you will need to make changes in your dressing habit when you carry concealed.

• Does this holster retain your weapon securely? Does your holster have an adjustable tension screw? Will it pop out of the holster when doing any activities apart from walking?

• Do I want a holster that offers extra retention such as a Strap over to rear of the handgun or hammer or do I want a hidden locking mechanism such as a Blackhawk Serpa holster? These devices will certainly add to the security of you weapon.

• Do I want a holster that has an adjustable Cant? Do I want a straight up holster or do I want one with a forward rake, FBI style?

• Does the holster cover the trigger of your chosen defensive pistol? This is a necessity. No short cutting corners on this.

• Do I need to take my handgun on and off during the day? Does my holster selection facilitate that?

• Does it appear that it will be comfortable for long periods of carry, both sitting and walking? Much of this will have to do with the size and weight of your selected pistol or handgun.

• Does the holster you are considering have a reinforced mouth to facilitate re-holstering? Essential for practicing drawing and re-holstering techniques. This also will help minimize the chance of an accidental discharge on re-holstering.

 In the next article I will go into the actual different type holsters and how they are designed to be used.