BAD Things Happen to Good People ALL THE TIME.

This has been covered by better and more prolific writers than me. I am just a guy who loves talking about firearms and in the process shares this information with like minded people.

I have had a Concealed Handgun License for over 1/2 of my adult life in several different states besides Texas. If I had the freedom of choice to legally carry, I always opted to legally carry.

The world is sometimes is not a very nice place for some folks. It is nothing you or I have done. It is many instances happen stance, or bad luck is the main ingredient.  You never know when something bad is going to happen to you. What I am referring to, is a social interaction with another human being that goes violently wrong.

Your number one resource at your disposal is your brain. It is imperative that you engage it to be able to take full advantage of what it is able to offer you in self preservation. We have all had that inner voice talk to us at one time or another, usually warning us against something we are about to do or the occurrence of an impending event . My inner voice is usually correct. I have learned to listen to it. If this warning is not heeded you could find yourself in a situation that could escalate violently. If you are involved in an altercation with another person and your spider sense is going on high alert and you have no way out to safely extract yourself from harms way, what are your options?

I mean really, what are your options? If you can’t resolve the issue verbally and it gets physical you are going to find yourself on the short end of the stick if you are not prepared. This is where the term fight or flight is applicable. If you can’t overpower your attacker and you don’t have the ability to get away, what will you do?

Some will say mace to the face or I know some form of martial arts and that will be enough. Maybe, what if there are more than one attacker or the assailants might possibly be armed with knifes or a gun. That sheds a different light on this incident altogether.

When do you Conceal your Handgun? I am going to answer this with another question.

Why do you have auto Insurance?

Why do you have Home Owners Insurance?

Why do you have life insurance?

Why do you carry a spare tire in your vehicle?

Would you let any of the afore mentioned insurance lapse during the course of a year? Would you pick the days of the week that you put the spare in the vehicle. The answer is NO, I would have that coverage 24/7 all of the time.

The list could go on but you get the point. It is in being prepared mentally and being equipped with the correct tools that see you through a difficult time. If looking at the news or reading the paper on any given day does not motivate you to be responsible for your physical well being, I am not sure that this article will be the catalyst, but I can hope that it will get you to thinking about it. I always carry 24/7.  Because I don’t know when I will need it but I am prepared. You can get your CHL Class in San Antonio by taking the required class with me at .

20141218_134253This recent student took a One on One course with his handgun prior to taking his San Antonio CHL class with me. He is a happy camper with is results, excellent shooting and he had no problem with the shooting portion of the CHL class.




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