Where Can I Carry?

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Where Can You Carry Your Gun with Your CHL San Antonio?

The following is a list of places that a licensed CHL San Antonio, Texas holder are currently restricted from carrying a firearm:

  • Racetracks or any place that allows Para-mutual betting.
  • Anyplace where Amateur or Professional sporting events are being held.
  • Courthouses or any building that has a courthouse inside of another Bldg.
  • Any business that derives 51% or more of its business from the sale of alcohol for on premises consumption, i.e. Bars
  • Federal property, to include the Post Office.
  • Anywhere the 30.06 sign is properly posted. The sign will have at least 1 inch block lettering in contrasting colors with this exact verbiage, approximately 3×2 ft in size. It will be posted at every common entryway. If a person in authority to do so, think Store Manager gives a verbal warning that a Concealed Handgun is not allowed.
  • On School Grounds or school activity, Think Sports Events and transportation by a school.
  • The Secured area of an airport. Where you go through the scanners and they inspect your luggage.
  • Anywhere Voting is taking place.
  • On the grounds of any Correctional Facility.


The following places are restricted if the 30.06 sign is posted, in which case it is a Class A misdemeanor offense.

  • On the “premises” of a; hospital, nursing home, amusement park, carnival, church, synagogue, or any other place of worship.
  • At the meeting of a governmental entity.

Senate Bill 501 has removed the right of any city, county or state government of Texas to place a 30.06 sign on any building owned or leased by that government therefore not restricting the carrying of a handgun by a CHL holder.

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