LTC / CHL For Texas

LTC / CHL Gun Class in San Antonio

Interested in our LTC/CHL class San Antonio, TX? The License To Carry also known as Concealed Handgun License for Texas class is 4 hours long. Testing on LTC / CHL class material and range qualification is additional beyond classroom time. The LTC / CHL class course fee is $70.00. You will need 50 rounds minimum for the course of fire (no reloads please).  Applicant is responsible for their range fee of $11.00. Your handgun must be in .32 caliber or larger, revolver or semi-automatic. Your handgun must be in good serviceable condition.

The LTC / CHL class will include discussing the use of force, dispute resolution, and Texas Laws regarding use of force as a defense. There will be a 25 question LTC / CHL Texas test at the end of the class. This written LTC / CHL test is not including your range proficiency test. Please see the CHL Course of Fire for detailed information of the range portion.

The LTC / CHL class is not a course that teaches shooting. If you are a new shooter or an infrequent shooter please see other training classes that are offered prior to taking the LTC / CHL. The First Step Pistol Orientation is designed for the new shooter. The Basic Pistol Orientation class goes into great detail in how to shoot effectively and safely. It takes more than ownership of a gun to be proficient. Shooting qualification for your LTC / CHL should not be your first experience shooting. Contact SA Firearms Instruction & Training for your Texas LTC / CHL class in San Antonio, TX.

What You Need for Our LTC / CHL Gun ClassCHL / LTC gun class San Antonio | One On One Gun Classes San Antonio | Ladies Only Gun Class

100 rounds of factory fresh (sold at retail stores) ammunition is required. Eye protection, hearing protection, closed toe shoes, hat with a bill, and a shirt or blouse with a high top to keep the brass from going down your shirt front. Dress suitable for the days weather, bring a water container for the range in the summer it will be HOT. A towel to wipe the sweat off would be handy.

Thank you for choosing SA Firearms Instruction & Training for your concealed handgun class in San Antonio. I realize that there are many options open to you for your handgun classes.

I sincerely look forward to serving you.

NRA & CHL Instructor

Lou Vanderburg

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